Software architecture

... is my passion - especially a clean and simple architecture. Even my PLC programs have an architecture. My creativity is the driving force for closing the gap between the requirements and the solution.

Languages and Frameworks

Regardless of the required language, I am prepared to acquire new skills. Within two week I can learn a new language or framework. Try me out - you might be surprised. I have superior abilities in the languages C, C++, Java and Python. However, I worked with many other languages as well.

Meta modeling

From building the (meta) models to generating the final product: I can support you in many ways: by designing the domain-specific models, implementing the prototype application or with the transformations.

Internet of things

I provide support for planning, selecting and developing hardware. I plan and develop software. I consult and support when it comes to setting up communication - directly via the internet or via peer-to-peer networks.

Big data / Map&Reduce

If the data cannot be processed by one server, the application of big data technologies can be useful. I will help you to decide between big data technologies and traditional solutions, and I provide support with the implementation.